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Pursuits in Adventure

Project Description

For some people, the only thing stopping them from having an adventure is the initial spark of inspiration and then, of course, the time consuming planning stage. Pursuits in Adventure was a product created for just such a person. Using an online subscription system, like Netflix or Loot Crate, this service plans personalized day trips and vacations for the user. It would partner with other businesses to create value for the end user, including coupons and special deals related to the trip ahead.

Project Details

Iconography, Package Design, Logo Design, Product Design, Web design


Mini Breaks may take place well within an afternoon. They also utilize local business in creating unique experiences without requiring travels to far off locales. Fun for those on a budget!

Recent trips planned

  • Coffee in the Park
  • Book Store: Scavenger Hunt
  • Movie Night Theme: Disaster
  • Learn-a-Craft: Bookbinding
  • Christmas Caroling
  • Dancing in the Streets


Day Trippers are a bit more intense than the casual mini break. These may include a gas card to help you get to a location that is close enough to drive, but far away enough that you might not visit regularly.

Recent trips planned

  • Geocaching in Lawrence
  • Caving in Eureka Springs
  • A Day of Art in Kansas City, MO
  • Day at the Lake in the Ozarks
  • St. Louis in a day
  • Worlds of Fun


Total Packages are the ultimate in vacation experiences. This package includes your plane ticket vouchers and a voucher for your hotel bill. All you have to worry about is how much fun you are having!

Recent trips planned

  • A weekend in Paris
  • New Years in Time’s Square
  • Greece and Ancient World Tour
  • African Safari
  • Rome in a Weekend
  • Museums on the Go!