Keri O'Brien

About Me

Geek defines every aspect of my life. To me, being a geek is about bringing passion and excitement to the things you do. It is being engaged in a challenge and jumping on the chance to problem solve, whether independently or with your team. In my work life, I have designed for both commercial and non-profits clients to give them design that calls attention to the story they want to tell. I am also a geek about my city, Kansas City. I may be in the suburban sprawl but I love the variety our area brings.

But I can’t just stop making things when I am off the clock! My mom always says if I am not creating something I am not breathing. In my spare time, I have been known to volunteer my time event planning for science fiction conventions and literature based non-profits. After all, what use is being a geek if you can’t share the thing you love with other people.

My workday is generally broken down like this:


Graphic Design


Social Media


Web Design



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